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The staff at Polar Furnace have been designing and manufacturing outdoor wood furnaces since 2000. Polar wood furnaces have proven immensly popular and reliable. 1000's of these wood boilers have been sold and installed throughout North America and generate wood heat for satisfied customers every day.


Polar Furnace is committed to designing and manufacturing the best possible products that make wood heat "clean & simple".

Polar Furnace builds the most rugged line of "Standard" wood burning furnaces available on the market.

Polar Furnace also manufactures the "G-CLASS", which is a technologically advanced line of wood furnaces. The G-CLASS furnaces generates wood heat using 3rd generation down draft wood gasification technology. These units far surpass the operational efficiency and emmisions requirements specified under the EPA PHASE II WHH program.

Polar Furnace continuously invests in the most modern manufacturing equipment and processes to insure top quality and precision fit and finish.

All Polar Furnace products are rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance under real world conditions.

VALUES that foster HIGH QUALITY and great SERVICE

A singular commitment to honesty, integrity and fairness shapes the Polar Furnace approach to business. Polar Furnace actively seeks to network with people and companies that share an appreciation for these virtues. This is consistent with the understanding that for Polar Furnace to be successful our suppliers and customers need to be successfull using Polar Furnace products.

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