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We promise to care about you. No matter how full our plate is, we will still return you call. Our team is passionate about helping you out, solving any problem you have, or helping you make that decision. No matter where you are in the purchase or ownership cycle, we promise to respond and engage with you like we would to each other, or anyone else in the organization.

We’re on your side. That’s the Polar Furnace promise: we care.


No matter where you are or what you do, we believe the single most important element to the ongoing success of any business is respectable business ethic. If the product you are looking at is well suited to your needs, we will tell you honestly. And if not, we will tell you that too, and explain why. We fully expect every unit sold to work well and meet your expectations. If, for whatever reason, this stops being the case, we will work with you and do everything we can to help you meet your objectives.

We know that honesty and integrity are essential to growth, which is why we continuously review our actions to insure they align with our core values, both as a company and as individuals.


At Polar Furnace, we promise to supply you with an honest product that we know works, and that you can count on to work well for a long time. We will work with you to ensure our product helps you meet your goals, whatever they may be.

Our products incorporate everything we’ve learned from years of experience in outdoor wood furnaces design and application, and we are committed to continue learning as well. If along the way there is something we learn that will make your experience with our product even better, we’ll be sure to let you know.


We are proud to build honest products, and communicate what we know about each one factually and honestly. At Polar Furnace, we promise only the performance and capabilities we are 100% certain our products will deliver.

Upon close inspection, Polar product clearly demonstrate our commitment to high quality materials and components, both inside and out. Quality is not just about choosing the best components; it’s about choosing the right design right from the start. Quality is also about having the proper systems in place during manufacturing to systematically improve and embody a commitment to high quality through every process and procedure.


Every day, in every situation, all of us here at Polar Furnace work to establish and maintain our trustworthy reputation. Our company culture is based on truth, honor, equality, fairness and ability. We know that only by doing our best work does our company continue to flourish.


We believe our most remarkable capacity as human beings is to have an open mind. Because we know there is always something new to learn that could completely change our understanding of a particular thing, whatever it may be, we listen carefully and don’t assume we always know best. Even in times of disagreement, we strive to treat others’ opinions, ideas, and understandings with respect and courtesy.


A company’s personality is evident in the way it communicates. It is in the unspoken, unwritten rules that govern the way we do things and not do other things. Our identity helps guide us through difficult and also good times, including times of change and conflict. Awareness of who we are as a company and our company personality gives guidance and directs us to meaningful, fitting and consistent solutions or resolutions to whatever challenge we engage with along the way.

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals.