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Polar Furnace presents the G-Class wood furnace in multiple sizes. The G-Class furnaces are downdraft type EPA qualified wood gasification units, which insures they will be legal for years in your community.

The furnace features the Polar VOR-TECH® combustion system which is exceptionally clean burning and stable and does not need frequent adjustments. The EASY-SWEEP® system incorporated into the G-Class Furnace makes it possible to clean the heat exchanger with a simple push and pull of a lever on the side of the furnace. The SMOKE X-TRACT® means no smoke in your eyes or on your clothes while reloading the wood. The G-Class furnace exceeds the required emission limits specified for qualification under the US EPA OWHH qualification program which is currently the recognized benchmark in North America for measuring outdoor furnace performance. These furnace are available for purchase through a network of Polar Furnace dealers in North America.