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8 hr heating cap: 60,000 btuh
Water cap. 160 US gallons
Size LxWxH: 62x35x66
Weight: 2200 lbs

G2 Plus
8 hr heating cap: 100,000 btuh
Water cap. 200 US gallons
Size LxWxH: 69.5x40x76
Weight: 2650 lbs

8 hr heating cap: 140,000 btuh
Water cap. 250 US gallons
Size LxWxH: 68x42x74
Weight: 2750 lbs

Regular 5 (RG-5)
8 hr heating cap: 21,000 btuh
Water cap. 120 US gallons
Size LxWxH: 67x48x70
Weight: 1700 lbs

Medium 9 (MD-9)
8 hr heating cap: 55,000 btuh
Water cap. 145 US gallons
Size LxWxH: 75x56x78
Weight: 2100 lbs

Large 15 (LG-15)
8 hr heating cap: 140,000 btuh
Water cap. 220 US gallons
Size LxWxH: 87x69x87
Weight: 3400 lbs

Commercial 32 (COM-32)
8 hr heating cap: 400,000 btuh
Water cap. 680 US gallons
Size LxWxH: 209x94x111
Weight: 5300 lbs



Polar products are ideal for supplying comfortable heat for your home. Generate unlimited hot water and melt snow from driveways.


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G-Class Videos

Polar Furnace released a series of videos showing some of the benefits of heating with a G-Class heater.

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Business_Polar Furnace


A wood furnace can be a great fit for your business. Have a high heating bill? A wood furnace can help you save money and increase your profits.


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Product Features & Benefits 

Polar Furnace presents the G-Class wood furnace in multiple sizes. The G-Class furnaces are downdraft type EPA qualified wood gasification

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A Polar wood furnace is a cost-effective means of supplying heat for various applications on the farm, from heating your home and shop to barns and greenhouses.


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G-Class Now Shipping with Connect-EZ

When the G-Class product line was first introduced by Polar Furnace it included many features never before seen in the

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“Hi wanted to let you know that so far everything is fine with my G2, after the first winter I cleaned the boiler inside and out, and the beauty of the boiler is now fully restored. It is a very nice unit and will let you know how it works in the future”

Jens B, BC

“My employees are enjoying a warmer work space and don’t mind stepping outside to add wood when needed. My heating bill is a lot lower. Everybody wins”

Business Owner,Tim A, Ontario

My wife loves the fact that she can crack the window in the middle of the winter and not worry about the house cooling too much or the cost of electric heat. Since we’ve installed the G2 she just does it – no issues, no worries

Terry & Deloris M, Ontario


We manufacture several models of hydronic furnaces to supply heat for your home, cottage, business or farm. Our furnaces provide domestic hot water and heat pools, spas, hot tubs, and anything else requiring heat. Carefully designed to be simple and easy to use, Polar furnaces are crafted from only the highest quality materials and components.

Hundreds of Polar Furnace heaters supply heat to homes, cottages, farms and businesses throughout the USA and Canada.