Tom Menold and his brother own a farm near Carman, Manitoba. Tom loves to farm and has a university degree in agriculture. The Menold farm grows seeds other farmers use to plant their following year’s crops. As a hobby, Tom runs a small vineyard in which he maintains around 35 varieties of grapes.


In 2012 Tom knew his existing outdoor furnace was nearing the end of its life. Not wanting to deal with a furnace breakdown in the dead of winter, Tom started researching modern outdoor wood furnace technology. He needed to find something that he was convinced would heat his 1900 sq. ft. home, built in 1980, as well as his 2400 sq. ft. shop, built in 1985 – and do so reliably for many years.



After months of researching and looking at different manufacturers, Tom was convinced the Polar Furnace G-Class products were the best units on the market. During the fall of 2013 he replaced his aging outdoor furnace with a G3.

“When I did my research before buying a gasification downdraft furnace I chose Polar Furnace in part because I sensed a depth of knowledge and experience with wood gasification that I didn’t pick up with any of the other companies. This company knows gasification furnaces.”

Tom Menold – G3 owner


The G3 easily delivered on all of Tom’s expectations. He estimates he burns around 50% less wood when compared to the conventional outdoor furnace he had replaced. After 2 seasons, he has experienced zero problems with his unit.

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