Osgoode Tire Sales, owned by Brian and Lisa Kerns in Osgoode Ontario, is known for selling quality tires, wheels and auto repairs to the area. Osgoode also works with local farmers and companies, and provides these businesses with road service.

Osgoode Tires is a 10 time consumer choice award winner and are certified members of the BBB and CAA.


During the fall season up until Christmas, thousands of customers trust Osgoode Tires to switch from summer to winter driving tires. During this time, Osgoode moves as many as 80 cars each day through their five bay service garage. This means that during an 8 hour workday, an overhead door is opened and closed every six minutes. These conditions created a significant heat load. Some heating oil bills ran over $10,000.00 annually. Owners Brian and Lisa Kerns set out to reduce this cost.



Brian grew up in a home heated with wood, and knew he could source wood for heating at a very low cost. He preferred an outdoor furnace because he wanted to maintain the pristine conditions inside his facilities, and didn’t want to haul wood and the associated debris into them. After looking at several different brands, Brian and Lisa settled on the Polar Furnace G3. It was set up outdoors. Hot water is pumped through insulated underground pipes and distributed to unit heaters hanging in the service garage. The G3 is also used to generate domestic hot water used to wash up after shifts, as well as for facility maintenance.

“I had a $10,000 plus heating bill. I grew up in a house heating with wood. I knew I had to do something and it turned out the outdoor wood furnace was the perfect fit. I was convinced to go with Polar G-Class because I liked what I saw when I inspected the product and the local Polar Furnace dealer was very knowledgeable and I like him as an individual.”

Business Owner Brian Kearns, Ontario


Brian calculates his annual wood cost to be under $2,000.00. The return on his investment allowed him to pay for his furnace in well under 2 years. There was also an unanticipated benefit from the new system: garage mechanics now enjoy a much warmer and temperature-stable work environment.

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