Polar Furnace’s STANDARD Heater delivers on simplicity. Nothing is complicated about this heater.

  • Step 1. Get wood – any kind of dry wood will do (if it isn’t dry wood, let it dry for a few months).
  • Step 2. Load the firechamber.
  • Step 3. Ignite the fire.
  • Step 4. Close the rugged firechamber door, walk away and enjoy the comfort of reliable hot water.

The STANDARD heater will do the rest and generate hot water for all your heating needs. Designed to be simple and reliable with a waterjacket, firechamber and loading door manufactured from 1/4″ thick certified steel, the STANDARD models provide years of trouble-free service.


*In the US, this product is for non-residential applications only

  • Proven Design – thousands installed across North America
  • Safe – CSA and UL safety tested and certified
  • Reliable – simple heavy construction, simple controls
  1. Strong Spacious Firechamber – the large round firechamber allows for longer burn times and less frequent loading. 1/4″ Thick certified steel helps ensure long service life.
  2. Heat Exchanger Pipes and Baffle – Increase total heat transfer by routing air the full length of the fire chamber and increasing heat exchanger surface area.
  3. Heavy Duty Loading Door and Latch – Rugged construction ensures your loading door will never fail. Positive pressure latch design ensures a good long-lasting seal, increased service life and performance of door gasket.
  4. Rugged and Large Waterjacket – Keeps the heat inside your heater while keeping the winter cold out. More insulation is better.
  5. Commercial Quality R20 Fiberglass Insulation – The heavy waterjacket is manufactured from 1/4″ thick steel. A larger, higher volume waterjacket results in longer burn times, less cycling, less smoke, and a more stable hydronic system.
  6. Rugged Outdoor Housing – Roof panels and trim are made from heavy 14 gauge steel and coated with UV resistant paint. Heater sides are covered with commercial grade all-weather overlapping siding for a tighter seal.
  7. Simple Reliable Heater Controls – Non digital simple Honeywell Aquastat controllers provide reliable and precise control of the combustion process.
  8. Insulated Chimney Hookup – Used to connect the heater to an insulated chimney and rain cap, the Insulated Chimney Connection ensures a reliable, long-term seal between roof and chimney.
  9. Spacious Plumbing Area – Spacious plumbing hookup area for convenient installation and easy access to the pumps and power disconnect. Room for additional insulation to insulate piping, pumps and valves.




8 hr. output rating (BTU/hr) 20 000 55 000 140 000 450 000
Wood Load Door Opening (W x H)(in) 16.5 x 16.5 19.5 x 19.5 23.5 x 26.5 35 x 35
Max. Wood Length (in) 35 43 54 65
Weight (lbs) 1700 2100 3400 5300
Water Capacity (US gal.) 120 145 220 680



Polar Updraft heaters are safety tested, and are certified and
well suited for outdoor as well as indoor installation.


Every Updraft furnace ships with a Polar Furnace 15 year
limited warranty which provides real, no-hassle warranty
coverage, including 100% coverage against leaks if a G-Class
needs to be repaired or replaced in the first 4 years.